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George R. Gay CFP®, AIF® is the Chief Executive Officer of First Affirmative Financial Network, where he has worked since 1986. Growing up on a farm near Lake Erie, Gay witnessed the effects of pollution on the environment and people's health, which motivated him to become a pioneer in environmental, social, and governance investing and socially responsible investments (ESG/SRI). Gay is an expert in analysis and portfolio rating assessment, emerging trends, wealth management, and how ESG/SRI investing can benefit the future. As a recognized industry role model and mentor, Gay is a sought-after speaker, panelist, and counselor. He has received the industry's "SRI Service Award" in the past, and his firm has become a strong voice for organizations and individuals to make smart choices and be a louder voice for change in financial matters.

the quote pic doesn't have quote marks. i'd rather see the words together more up top so i am not looking at his hands. maybe also a black fade over the hands.

Leading the Way in Values-Based Investing with George Gay

Leading the Way in Values-Based Investing with George Gay

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