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RIA Collective Ep. 19: Staying True to Yourself with Cary Carbonaro

This week Charlie talks with Cary Carbonaro, Director of Women and Wealth at Advisors Capital Management. Cary has more than two decades of advising experience and has had a winding path within the world of finance. Cary spent many years in a captive environment before she made the move to RIA. However, that independence was lost when Goldman bought out her firm and Cary found herself back in a wirehouse again. The loss of independence and freedom grated on Cary and she quickly made the switch back to an RIA. Now, with ACM, Cary can be there for her clients, be herself, and run her business how she wants to. Check out the links below to connect with Cary.

Cary Carbonaro
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carycarbonarocfp/
Website: https://advisorscapital.com/