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RIA Collective Ep. 11: Creating a People-Focused Practice with McKenzie Frankel

This week Charlie sits down with McKenzie Frankel, a principal at Entrust Financial.

McKenzie was called to be an investment advisor since she was in grade school. Always interested in money, McKenzie's interest grew into a true passion to help people make the right financial decision at every step and in every area.

Charlie and McKenzie discuss her time working within the captive financial environment and the conflict between her passions and the bottom-line goals of the firm. Eventually, McKenzie found a partner who shared her vision and was able to move into an independent role. Since then she has been able to shape her company into the kind of firm that truly helps people.

McKenzie Frankel
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mckenziefrankel/
Entrust Financial Website: https://www.entrustfinancial.com/