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March 7, 2023

The Independent Advantage with Rob Samson

The Independent Advantage with Rob Samson
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In this podcast episode, Charlie Van Derven interviews Rob Samson from Stratos Wealth Partners, a Midwest-based firm that offers independent financial advisors the opportunity to have the support they need to build their business without having to go it alone. 

Rob shares his insight on the benefits of the independent side of the industry for advisors who want to have the freedom to serve their clients in the purest, most fiduciary-based way. 

He also talks about how the independent space is a growth-oriented channel that allows financial advisors to be a full balance-sheet wealth manager and have the flexibility to do business where they want to. 

Rob dispels common misconceptions about the independent space and talks about how senior advisors can best transition their businesses to the next generation.

Tune in for a refreshing and optimistic look at independence.