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March 22, 2023

Enriching Lives Through Client-Focused Wealth Management with Heather Welsh

Enriching Lives Through Client-Focused Wealth Management with Heather Welsh
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In this episode, Charlie sits down with Heather Welsh, VP of Weatlth Management at Sequoia Financial Group, to discuss the importance of client-focused wealth management and the value of planning and personalization in the industry.

Heather shares her journey from advisor to wealth planner and how her firm's dedication to planning and team collaboration has allowed them to better serve their clients.

They also explore the role of technology in wealth management and how it can be used to deliver personalized service at scale.

Finally, Heather offers insights for young professionals entering the industry, emphasizing the value of education and committing to additional designations. Tune in for a conversation that highlights the power of a client-first approach in wealth management.

Heather Welsh